Successful Day of Action!

Islington Keep our NHS Public had a great day on Saturday 26 Feb, joining with others in Unite Community, Islington Pensioners Forum, Caribbean Labour Solidarity  and the Trades Council to organise Islington’s contribution to this national day of action calling for immediate emergency funding of £20bn to bring about change in the dire staffing situation facing the NHS and Social Care.

The event was also covered by the Islington Tribune, click here to read the article.

We had four stalls in the morning at Angel, Highbury and Islington Station, Nags Head and Navigator Square, with good conversations, leaflets and petition signatures.  We also had a retired ambulance – now used mainly for film shoots – driving round and stopping at busy places for more of those good conversations.  And in the afternoon we had a rally on Highbury Fields, using the ambulance as the stage backdrop.  The speakers were

Terrry Conway, Unite Community

Kaya Comer Schwarz, leader of Islington Council

Janet Burgess, former deputy leader representing a care worker who wantewd to speak but was denied permission by her employer

Joseph Croft, mental health worker

Benali Hamdache, Green Health spokesperson

Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North

Gay Lee, KONP and RCN member

Jacky Davis, KONP and BMA Council Member

Luke Daniels, Islington Pensioners Forum and Caribbean Labour Solidarity

Sue Richards, Islington KONP.

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