“Dirty War on the NHS”

On 15th April, Curzon Home Cinema  streamed John Pilger’s film “The Dirty War on the NHS” which was first released just before last year’s election. This could not be more timely. The government is telling us to stay at home and “protect the NHS”. John’s film spells out the reason why the NHS might be overwhelmed by the … Continue reading “Dirty War on the NHS”

A National Scandal

 An astute summary of the Johnson regime’s policies with particular attention to the role played by Dominic Cummings and the Brexit brigade’s refusal to cooperate with the EC initiatives.

NHS staff are being silenced

Read about how staff are now disgracefully being gagged from speaking out over the lack of PPE and other crucial issues.

Special Report

Johnson listened to his scientists about coronavirus – but they were slow to sound the alarm. Click to read on.

Why we need to fix Universal Credit

Read an article about the Axminster Food Bank, which talks about food shortage, social isolation and mental health.


Islington Keep Our NHS Public organised a public meeting on 11 March 2019 at Islington Town hall to help locals to learn more about what is happening to the NHS in Islington. Read more about the meeting from links to local newspaper coverage by the Islington Gazette and the Islington Tribune.