SOS NHS: national demo on 11 March

End the NHS crisis: support the strikes!

Join the march on Saturday 11 March to stand with NHS staff who are taking strike action and send a message to the government to negotiate now!

When: 12 noon, Saturday 11 March 2023.

Where: Meet opposite Warren Street Tube station, Tottenham Court Road then march to Westminster for a rally

The Government is quick to blame everyone but themselves for the NHS crisis. Health Secretary, Steve Barclay told already exhausted NHS staff to work even harder if they want a pay rise! But it’s the Government that should be working harder to fix a crisis caused by 13 years of mismanagement.

We support all NHS staff taking strike action to protect the service from further damage. Staff are the beating heart of the NHS: they were at the front line during the pandemic and they’re the front line in the fight to save the NHS now.

The current crisis is causing thousands of unnecessary deaths. We need a publicly run NHS that we know works – not a private healthcare model we know doesn’t. 11 March is a vital moment to demand the Government finds the resources and the political will to do what is needed, not just to save our NHS for future generations, but to stop unnecessary death and suffering.

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