“Dirty War on the NHS”

On 15th April, Curzon Home Cinema  streamed John Pilger’s film “The Dirty War on the NHS” which was first released just before last year’s election. This could not be more timely. The government is telling us to stay at home and “protect the NHS”. John’s film spells out the reason why the NHS might be overwhelmed by the impact of the coronavirus: the lack of resources which are the direct result of the policies of the last ten years and the devastation caused by sustained privatisation. At the end of the film Professor Danny Dorling foresaw what we are now going through: “The NHS gave us freedom from fear …. now that fear has returned.”  This is a film to enrage, but also to inspire: to make sure that when the pandemic is over, the NHS is rebuilt as a properly funded public health system. Click here to watch.

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